Monsterra Marketplace allows players to trade assets from the game including NFTs and FTs.


Players can view their NFTs and FTs (both called items) from the game in the inventory to manage them.

Buy and Sell

Players can browse through listings of items to buy, as well as list their own items for sale.

Players sell items by creating a listing, with a fixed price. Buyers are able to purchase the items by spending MSTR or other crypto currency types like BNB, USDT, BUSD, ... from his wallet. Other side, players can make an offer to deal with the owner by other price that they want. Upon confirmation of the transaction on the blockchain, the settlement is settled instantaneously. The Seller receives tokens in his wallet, and the items is transferred to the Buyer.


Sellers are charged only 4% fee on completion of a transaction with transaction made by MSTR and 4.85% with other types of cryptocurrency.

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