DeFi Utilities


To maximize the interests of Monsterra players and MSTR holders, our team will open various staking pools with enticing ROI rates. Players can add gaming NFTs related tokens into these pools to receive rewards from Monsterra Game Universe. The rewards saved from the previous pools might be used for future community activities.


Token holders will have the right to create proposals about the future operations and changes of Monsterra and then come together to vote on each suggestion. Submissions with the most votes will be accepted and executed by the regulations instantiated within the smart contract. The game ecosystem will be governed to serve the best interest of the users.


Monsterra also plans to list tokens on various exchange platforms. Traders can then buy, store or perform any trading activities with the tokens they hold via these exchanges.

Yield farming

Monsterra offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity mining, with unique rewards wrapped into gaming NFTs. These unique NFT collectibles can bring long-term value to community users and the Monsterra NFT game ecosystem.

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