Monsterra NFT Game solutions

1. Free to play

Monsterra lets gamers play for free before actually spending on it. In other words, the game does not impose any upfront cost. Players can experience a full-fledged core game without any initial investment. Once players have signed up, the pay-to-earn model encourages player loyalty since players will generally earn more by playing more. For this reason, Monsterra NFT game is expected to reach a larger audience of players than most other NFT games.

2. Play for fun

Although earning is an integral part of any P2E games, Monsterra Game still focuses on building an exciting and inspiring gameplay to elevate the fun experience. All the in-game activities such as hatching, breeding, farming, etc follow the "play for fun" orientation to let players enjoy their moments.

3. Free to earn

Free players can earn huge incentives using strategic plans in their battles which makes their playing time become much more worthy. Without any upfront investment, players can have enough assets to start playing and farming.

4. Balanced game mechanism

Monsterra P2E Game is equipped with anti-inflation mechanic structures. The developers have created a variety of token utilities, built an intelligent token burning mechanism, set up creative Mongens and land plots fusion mechanisms to solve the tokenomic problems - which all contribute to maintaining a balanced in-game economy.

5. Balance in Competition

Monsterra's ecosystem is designed to support various players, from crypto experts to non-crypto players. All players will have fascinating experiences wandering in the Monsterra universe.

6. Expensive gas fee solution

To solve the gas fee barrier problem, Monsterra decides not to charge any gas fee when players first start the game. They will only need to pay the transaction fee when converting their assets into NFT items.

With their digital assets such as tokens and NFTs assets, the players can do either of the following:

  • Reduce the gas fee by staking their tokens & NFTs. Note: Players can still use their NFT in the off-chain in-game activities even when they are added to the staking pools.

  • Pay the gas fee separately for each transaction related to activities such as breeding, evolving, hatching, etc.

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