Monsterra NFT Game features four different battle modes for gamers to enter. They nurture their Mongen squads and lead them to expand the territory and earn rewards after each battle victory.

Adventure mode

Players lead their Mongen squads to explore new lands and search for hidden resources to enrich their fortune. Players land on these wild territories and beat the encountered obstacles using tactical strategies and leadership talents to exploit the most resources out of the soil.

The Boss challenge mode

Players lead their Mongen armies to conquer the surrounding lands inhabited by dreadful beasts. If players gain the battle victory, the occupied land will belong to them, and their territory will be expanded accordingly.

Battlefront mode

Humans become increasingly tricky and greedy in a world full of competition and chaos. They stare and yearn for others' wealth all the time. In this battle mode, players will lead their Mongen armies to raid other players' lands to "rob" the resources of the opponent. These stolen assets are considered as the battle's booties for the winning empires. If players fail to attack, they will have to pay rewards for the opponent (successful defensive landowners will be granted a certain amount of resources as spoils).

Arena mode

Human life has been surrounded by fierce competition to gain benefits, dominate the territory, and show hegemony for ages. That was the rooting cause of the uncompromising head-to-head confrontations between the beast armies. In this arena mode, players lead their Mongens squads to fight each other to gain betting rewards.

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