Mongen Races

There are 5 different races of Mongens in the Monsterra world:

  • Celest (WIP)

  • Chaos (WIP)

Each type is weak and strong against other types:


Beasts are better at defense than offense. The hard scales that cover its strong body serve as an inviolable shield from any attack.


Tectos owns an invincible strength and is stronger than any other Monges race. It has a powerful vision to see through a deep smoke in any battle.


Mystics has the fantastic capability of perceiving and controlling battle auras which offer their owner prominent competitive advantages over the opponents.


It’s said that Celest carries the mission to protect the ideal world that will be created in the future for both people and Mongens.


It looks somehow pained as it rages around in search of the life force of living creatures, which serves as its energy. Some said this Mongen comes apparently from the underworld.

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