Existing problems

Up to now, we have researched many pain points in the GameFi industry, directly related to 3 stakeholders.

1. For Real Players

  • Players have to pay high "entry fee" which also makes it difficult for new players to enter the game if they do not have a strong financial base or any strategies to gain breakeven
  • Gameplay is geared more towards earning than making it fun, which makes it a poor experience for every player.
  • Only a few game studios offer multi-devices when launching.
  • The high gas fee rate in blockchain games is a burden on the players.
  • Once added to the staking pool, players cannot use their staked tokens or NFTs for in-game tasks.
  • In the game ecosystem, there are fewer tasks to enjoy, less utilities for tokens & NFTs.

2. For Crypto Investors (Individuals)

  • Investors get a lower and shorter return on investment with ponzi gamefi models
  • Crypto markets fluctuate in general: every sector goes through a winter period
  • Several big gamefi names have come down as Axie Infinity and Step N, losing investors' trust in the industry
  • Gamefi projects have an average lifespan of 2 weeks to 1 month, which poses risks to investors.

3. For Game Publishers

  • High competitive rate for fun gameplay/ product development
  • Tokens and NFTs are unfamiliar to traditional gamers. It is a complicated technology for most of them.
  • Platform restriction as on Apple store and Google Play store for featuring crypto/NFT project
  • Inflation of tokens and NFTs can lead to a decrease in the game economy and its collapse. When the crisis peaks, users leave the game quickly.