Unique Selling Propositions

Gamers can create new animals with different figures. This brings vast creative possibilities in the animal world in Monsterra Game. At the same time, other games within the category, such as Axie Infinity and MeebMaster, only use a standard form and customize the minor details to distinguish their in-game creatures.

Gamers can customize their own lands to create different shapes. This elevates the individuality and uniqueness in each player's land.

The mechanism of creating land from separate plots makes it easy to modify land themes according to different seasons or special occasions (Merry Christmas, Halloween, etc.). The brand identities of Monsteras' partners (investors, marketing partners, etc.) can also be embedded in the land plots to level up the partnerships between two parties.

Monsterra's staking model brings several benefits to players:
  • Users can receive rewards + shared revenue through staking activities. The token & NFT in the staking pool will still be available for in-game actions.
  • Lower or no gas fee if they utilize those tokens or NFTs in in-game activities.

Players are able to earn when successfully attacking other player’s land, but they can also earn for successfully defending theirs base from an enemy’s attack, making it possible to earn even while not playing the game.

This mechanic brings an easy approach to reaching out to potential customers and highly encourages new players to enter the Monsterra NF game.

The game has anti-inflation mechanisms that help guarantee sustainable growth in the long run:
  • Smart Token Burning Mechanism
  • Diverse tokens utilities and NFTs fusion sets (for both Mongens and lands) to minimize the in-game inflation.

With Monsterra, players can not only earn a regular income but also have the opportunity to really dive into the game to experience the battlefield. Finding loopholes in the enemy's layout to ambush, dropping opposing troops to prevail, arranging reasonable defenses to defend the enemy, players will need to build up their own strategic plan as the battlefield plays out in the model of an action RPG strategy game.

The game is developed on WebGL, desktop applications, and mobile applications. On top of that, users will receive additional supporting applications, including marketplace and payment engine, to easily access the game and enter the battles.
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